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Since the age of 5 or 6 I have had a fascination with the captured image. It started with my exposure to my older brother’s darkroom, and my curiosity grew into an early passion when I began taking still photos and making short 8mm films with our family’s cameras. My early zeal formed the roots of my life’s endeavor, which has allowed me the privilege of working or living in over 25 countries, creating images for a host of clients. I love my work and deeply respect both the creative and commercial side of my business. From my earliest years of experimentation with a camera and lens through college graduation in 1977 and up to the present, my enjoyment in producing film, video and still images has never waned.

The consistent feedback I’ve received from clients and crew members points to a positive working environment that fosters the creative process and translates to a result that either meets or exceeds expectations -- all while adhering to an established budget. 

I enjoy shooting both on location and in the studio, and I am equally comfortable whether working with people, objects or places. Much of my recent work has been in the area of lifestyle and can best be described as story-driven. When shooting product and food photography, I strive to create images that tell a story as opposed to static documentation of the subject. While my work has evolved into serving as a director and director of photography for video and film, I continue to shoot stills for many of our clients. As I became involved in larger video productions, I found it interesting to realize how much my work as a still photographer has influenced the way that I shoot motion. Many clients have commented on the positive aspects of this, and I also notice that working with film and video is changing the way that I shoot stills.

The field of photography, film, and video has seen unprecedented changes in technology during my professional career. This continual evolution of tools and techniques has always been exciting to me, as it provides opportunities to experiment and explore new ways to create compelling images and stories. While I now more fully understand that the visual image is the result of lighting, composition, and overall design, the creation of a shared vision through teamwork and collaboration between myself, the client and the crew is what I value most.