Vote ’08: Funny or Foul?

This all started as a test for a ring light and became the story of getting ready in the morning. (No, it’s not autobiographical.) Many thanks to our friend Andy for his comic skills and being willing to do this stuff and push it to a higher (or lower?) level of humor.

Some people may think we went too far, so we decided to take a vote, being election season and all. Is it hilarious or horrifying? Did we go to far or not far enough? Let us know what you think, and we will enter you into a drawing! Please share your comments here, where everyone can share in the fun, but also send us an email to let us know how to reach you if you win.

The poll is open until the real election day – November 4!

17 Responses to “Vote ’08: Funny or Foul?”

  1. Robert

    try playing it backwards. Reminds me of the bathroom scenes in Sideways and The Neighbors. Not gross. A natural comedian, complete with hyperthyroid bug eyes.

  2. Madam V

    My daughter (3) made me play it repeatedly! Very fun!

  3. Philip Powell

    I liked it. Very funny. (And well lit as too.)

  4. Susan

    I was ok until I saw nose hair. *shudder*

  5. Mark Wagoner

    Wilky said:

    Ha, funny stuff. I like the nose hairs.

  6. Mark Wagoner

    Stacey said:
    Very funny! I think it was charmingly silly. Not gross at all. Loved the green tiles and the Get Smart magazine. Great job!

  7. Orange Cat Art

    Love it! Where can I get a monkey shower curtain like that?

  8. America's Top Hand Model

    the shower curtain is brilliant and the nose hair is needed for the whole bit to really cinch the viewers 🙂 giggle. Thanks for making me laugh.

  9. Abby

    I liked it. funny.

  10. Merlix

    The wide opened eyes along with the wild messed up hair are awesome. This would make an excellent series for some of the short movie sites out there. This guy is a natural. The lighting and video quality are excellent like all of your work Mark. Great work!

  11. OsSele

    The lighting was very good and the green tiles seemed to be very clean.

  12. stephen v2

    Everything can be improved with a rubber duck. Nuff said…

  13. Coe

    Very funny. No doubt about it. Well shot and composed too. Nice job, Mark.

  14. Carolyn

    I’ve laughed every time I’ve watched it. And that’s a lot.

  15. Mark Wagoner

    Jaimey said:

    can i have the get smart lunch box?

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