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48 Hour Film Production, “Dance Again”

This past weekend we produced a film for the 48 Hour Film Project titled “Dance Again”. It is about the stress of the mundane items of life and how chocolate cake makes it all better. We had a shoot of only eight hours, followed by twenty-five hours of editing. We had a great crew headed… Read more »

Inauguration Day

    January 20th 2009, Inauguration day in Greensboro NC. A small bit of snow had fallen over night in Greensboro, for me it was a cleansing and a sign of a fresh start. While I could not be in the city of cherry blossoms for the big day, I was happy to see it arrive… Read more »

Time-Lapse Greensboro

One afternoon in May  I stepped out of the studio and a heavy cloud cover start rolling in from the southeast. I knew then that the shoot for our movie “Camelback Bridge” had to be cancelled. Now with a free afternoon I thought I would go downtown and shoot a time-lapse of the clouds. This… Read more »