Thirty Years Ago Today!

Today marks an event that I must say never really crossed my mind when I started Mark Wagoner Productions, then known as Mark Wagoner Fotografie. That was 30 years ago — strange to even write that. 

In the summer of 1983, I had just returned from working in the Middle East and was planning my next move. It turned out that I met Lynn Jaffe that summer, who in time would become Lynn Wagoner. Also, I already had some business contacts in North Carolina, so I decided to look for a studio space in Greensboro. October 1st was the day that I moved into 12-H Wendy Court, the space that I still use as home base.

Before the cyc-wall, and what’s that under the black cloth?
Back then, there was a darkroom instead of a kitchen, and they only computers in the studio were ones I photographed for Compute! Magazine. (I remember shooting a story about the very first Macintosh, which showed families with their home computers!)
A souvenir from the 10th anniversary.
I have been supported by a wealth of great team members, clients and friends. I find it really exciting that 30 years on I am in the middle of one of the busiest periods I have ever had! Thanks to everyone for contributing to the success of these first 30 years.
I am looking forward to many more great shoots with all the enthusiasm of that day in 1983, but with a hell of a lot more experience.
How many changes can you spot?




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