New Film-Paperhand Puppet Intervention

Today has been really exiting for the new film by myself and Coe Doulas. It was uploaded to yesturday and climbed to the #2 film in less than 24 hours. Coe and I have had a great time putting this short film “Paperhand Puppet Intervention, Activists in Their Community“together. We had ¬†help from Christian Parsons and Carolyn de Berry in making the project happen. We first talked to Donovan at Paperhand in the winter, so it has taken almost 8 months to get this completed. Thanks to Jan Burger and Donovan Zimmerman at Paperhand ¬†Puppet Intervention for having us in their studio and for talking about the experiences. They have a great show in progress now please support these guys. Also thank you to everyone who has voted our film up in the count.

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