More Than Just Pretty Pictures…

Everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words, right? But for your brand, don’t you want more than just words?

   Style, comfort, sophistication, reliability, even sense of humor, can all be part of a brand’s identity. The right imagery can communicate that to your audience even more effectively than copy. We work with you and your team to design photography and video images that communicate your brand’s identity and personality to your market.

Flexsteel IHFC Showroom, 2013

   Flexsteel Furniture illustrates both style and comfort in the video that we produce for their television commercials. The overall production value sets it apart from much of the stock footage seen in traditional dealer ads, which communicates to their potential customers that Flexsteel is a high quality brand.

“When we started working with Mark on Flexsteel’s commercial video, he really took the time to understand what we needed from the footage – beyond simple images of the furniture. We began working together on commercial spots, and he started seeing other opportunities to help build our overall image, such as virtual tours of the High Point Furniture Market showroom. He and his crew are fun to work with, and we get great images, too.”
           ~ Justin Mills, Director of Advertising & PR, Flexsteel Industries, Inc.

South of France – Cote D’Ivoire and Lavender Fields

   When South of France introduced new packaging for their Natural Body Care products, they needed new photography to further define their soaps and body washes as exotic and luxurious. Mark worked with them and production designers at Ink Photography Productions to create artistic sets to capture the brand’s new feel.

South of France – Vanilla Creme Caramel

    Sometimes a brand needs to feel accessible, more human. In those cases, the situation might call for a little comedy. Everyone dreads taking their car to the shop, right? When G-Force Marketing wanted to lighten the mood with a humorous character for a series of tv spots, Mark worked with them to create the world of “Betchadidn’tknow Guy.” He rescues everyday folks from the the hazards of going to the wrong car repair shop, and steers them to the clean, professional dealer of our hero brand. With Mark behind the camera, his team of set designers, stylists, lighting & grip, and camera crew, brought “Betchadidn’tknow Guy” to life and had a blast doing it.

Here are a few behind the scenes photos from that shoot!

It’d be scary if it wasn’t a set.

Would you trust this guy with your car?

Waiting room from hell.

Happily Ever After!

Give Mark a call at the studio to discuss how our photography and video production team can help you capture and promote your brand’s identity.

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