I’ve got roids, and it’s fun!

I have been excited for a few months now waiting for a chance to shoot some of the Polaroid film from the “The Impossible Project“. These folks are mostly past Polaroid Corp. executives and staff, and they took on the task of re-engineering Polaroid film after production was stopped. The companies that made the dyes and some of the other chemicals had closed out the production when Polaroid canceled its light-sensitive photo products, and so it was necessary to come up with new solutions for instant film based photography.

There are several new films for the cameras that shoot 100 type: SX70 and 600s. The new film is not the same as you may have used in the past. I have tried 5 films and would say that the 100 type sepia film and the PX70 color for the SX70 are my 2 favorites.
Here are some of the first results.


Natalie and Kelly

Watermelon Rinds

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