Complex Questions, Clear Answers

Pill Question Mark


Sometimes marketing communication is easy – you want to share products or concepts that are going to make people feel good about themselves. However, sometimes you want to share information that can be complicated, even disconcerting. Mark was recently given such a challenge for a project with a major national insurance provider.


MWP Medical 2


The concept was to illustrate some of the struggles we face as a nation regarding healthcare, in a way that acknowledges the confusion that many consumers feel. Mark collaborated with the art director to develop these ideas into photographs to accompany the information.

This project also required some creative sourcing to find pills of the right shapes and colors, in addition to the pill bottles, labels and other medical instruments. We even brought in some oversized 4 inch prop pills from a specialty prop fabricator.

Over the years, Mark has often enjoyed the challenge of creating illustrations for difficult concepts, providing images that help guide the viewer to a better understanding of the message. Although, it’s not always so serious. Having a tabletop full of pharmaceuticals in the studio, we couldn’t help but wonder which pill might make you larger, and which would make you small…



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