Camelback Bridge

On Friday Nov. 21 we shot the bulk of the photography for a new short film titled “Camelback”. The film is being shot near Sanford NC at the Camelback Bridge.
It is a story of an older gentleman and the bridge which serves as the grounding place of his entire life. During the film we learn how the old man’s life and the bridge are woven together. This is from a screen play that I wrote last winter as I was reflecting on the changes in my father’s life, and how the community he grew up in was ever present in his life. While the story is not biographical of my father it does reflect some things I know about him. There are small bits of historical information included in the film.
   Playing the part of the “Old Man” is a young actor by the name of Jan Hensley. Helping with the shooting chores were Harvey Robinson who shot many of the shots, and Carolyn deBerry  who did all of the on set coordination and shot some awesome still pictures of the production.
   The day proved to be cold but not miserable. We did start the shoot with lunch in Siler City at Johnson’s Burgers, home of the best cheeseburgers in North Carolina. One of the highlights of the day and most scary, OK and pretty much fun was throwing a Panasonic HVX200 off the side of the bridge and letting it have a controlled free fall for about 40 feet, this should prove to be a very cool shot.

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